What towns do you rent to?

We deliver South to Fort Myers or Naples. We also service Bradenton, Sarasota, and most of Lakeland. And many other towns such as Myakka City, Lake Placid, Zolfo Springs, Wachula, etc. We are based in Arcadia, FL. Don’t hesitate to ask, even if you live several hours away we may be able to accommodate you!

Is delivery included in the rental rates listed?

No. Delivery is based on where the rental equipment is being delivered to. The delivery price is quoted depending on the size of the item and the location.

Are there any extra fees above the rental rate?

The only extra you will pay above the rental rate are taxes and delivery (if applicable). Keep in mind also that you are responsible for fuel.

What are my responsibilities?

Damage that is accidental. You are responsible to return any item FULL of fuel. Damages you’re responsible for include: tire or track damage, glass, negligence, abuse, or misuse of equipment. You are responsible for a daily check of oil levels, grease machine, etc.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Usually, yes. There is no charge for canceling a reservation as long as the rental equipment has not left our yard. On rare occasions of a special order etc., we may need to charge a small fee.

What about rainy days?

Call as soon as you know that you will not be using the rental equipment. We strive to be fair.

What are your rental terms?

  • Weekend Rental: Equipment may be picked up or delivered at approx 5 pm Friday and returned Monday at 8 am for a one-day price, with 8 hours allowed on the hour meter. Overage time will be prorated.
  • Daily Rental: Exactly 24 hours, Example: 9 am Tuesday to 9 am Wednesday. You are allowed 8 hours on the machine hour meter. Overage time will be prorated.
  • Half-Day Rental: Equipment is due back or called off rent within 4 consecutive hours of delivery/pickup, with 4 hours allowed on the hour meter. Overage time will be an extra charge
  • Weekly Rental: Exactly a week. Example 8 am Monday to 8 am Monday, with 40 hours allowed on the hour meter. Overage time will be prorated.
  • Monthly Rental: 28 consecutive days, with 160 hours allowed on the hour meter. Overage time will be prorated.

Is the equipment fueled up?

Yes. All rental equipment is sent out with a full tank and needs to be returned full to avoid refueling charges.

Do I need to return the equipment clean?

Yes. Rental equipment returned dirty is subject to a cleaning charge. Remove all sticks, leaves, and dirt.

When is the rental payment due?

All payments are due before rental equipment leaves the yard. In the case of delivery, payment is due when rental equipment is delivered, or credit cards can be processed before rental equipment is delivered. Billing accounts are available with approved credit. We accept most major credit cards.

Can I return an item after hours?

Only with a special exception. Please call or ask. If rental equipment is returned after hours, the customer will be responsible for lost or stolen rental equipment.

What if the rental equipment has mechanical problems?

Call Tropic Rentals IMMEDIATELY. If after hours, please call the emergency phone number listed on the voicemail. Even if you feel mechanically inclined, we need to know what the machine is doing.

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